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Details on Islam’s Temporary Marriage

(This info applies to only Shia tradition in some regions; not Temporary Marriage in Islam

Temporary marriage in Islam also known as Nikah Mut’ah used to be part of the Islam’s Shia tradition long time ago. While there was a time when it was banned in some Muslim countries, it seems that the tradition is being brought back to life by other Muslims. This may be because of the change in culture and traditions as the world is becoming modern and different.

Temporary Islamic marriage allows a couple to become married for a short period of time. In the past, this was done so that men can have their own wives while they are away. The marriage will then be forfeited when the man has to go back to the place where he came from. Right now, temporary marriage is being done so that couples can test if they would have a long and lasting relationship with each other. There are still some rules that would have to be followed when it comes to temporary marriage:

  1. Men should give dowry to the parents of the girl to ask her hand for temporary marriage.
  2. If the woman has never been married before, the man is required to ask for the daughter’s hand in marriage.
  3. The marriage can last for about 6 months or so depending on the contract that will be given out.
  4. After the marriage, temporary husband and wife are not allowed to live together. Rather, the woman will live with her parents and the husband will visit her according to schedule.

While there are some Muslims who are practicing this, there are still other Muslims who find this practice forbidden. Sunni Muslims consider this practice to be absolutely forbidden since they say that this is similar to prostitution wherein temporary marriage is allowed for a certain period of time in order to avoid having unlawful sex. For people who are found to have undergone this process, they will be banished and forgotten by the society. For those who do fall in love during the temporary marriage, they will be given the chance to go through the process of having a permanent marriage wherein they can live together.

Ultimately, the places where this practice can be done will depend on the place and the current mindset of the Muslims who are living there. Following the Islam can be complicated for those who do not know much about it but getting to know more details will make the traditions easier to understand.

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