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Islamic Marriage

Finding a compatible partner for a Muslim single may first seem like a complex jigsaw puzzle for those who have not explored the full range of opportunities brought about by social technology. The process of connecting with a suitable partner for eventual marriage is considered as very significant in upholding the social and religious values as defined within the Islamic understanding of the institution of marriage. Muslim singles should never stray from the tangent of values and ethics in their quest for an ideal lifetime partner. Muslim singles can apply any or all of the following tested strategies in their search for a perfect match. It makes great sense to remember that marriage is meant to come with happiness and true friendship on God's planet.

Give Accurate Personal Details.

Islamic marriages are usually preceded by stable relationships. Muslims looking for spouses should begin by supplying accurate details about themselves in a measured and respectable manner. This will allow other singles to form a quick opinion about the individual and decide on whether to dig deeper into their personalities. This preliminary step in relationships has been made much easier by effective sites that make it possible for singles to supply information that define the entire scope of their identities. Such information should include basic details such as age, race, location, and occupation. The inclusion of elaborate facts about identity and preferences usually conveys an aspect of honesty about the individual. Such honesty is bound to send the right signals to the most suitable partner.

Do Not Reveal Confidential Details at the Early Stages.

Although the provision of detailed information about oneself is considered appropriate, every safeguard should be put in place to avoid compromising personal security and privacy. Physical addresses and financial information should never be disclosed during the initial stages of dating. Besides the factor of security, the disclosure of such information could be considered as a desperate gesture and incur the displeasure and disinterest of your potential wife or husband. The Islamic moral code on relationships requires a high level of respect and judgment on those involved. You can only attract a princess if you behave like a prince. This reality works in both ways.

Honest First Impression Matters.

Muslim singles should also be alive to the importance of presenting the best first impression as they seek a lasting relationship. With the modern advantages of social networking technology, first impressions are usually conveyed by profiles. Giving a true picture about oneself is the recommended policy for those launching on the sacred journey towards an Islamic marriage. Muslim singles should guard against the temptation of filling up their profiles with photoshop images of themselves. Such a strategy does not last in the long-term because the actual physical meeting reveals the lie in ways that could end the relationship at its beginning.

Define the Full Scope of Your Interests.

Marketing oneself by hobbies and interests is an assured way of attracting the advantage of compatibility. Human nature tends to bring together people of similar interests. The scope of interests should entail affiliations in organizations, private passions in activities such as reading or traveling, and any other matters that may sound peculiar to an individual. Information about career preferences and pursuits is also very important in attracting the most suitable partner towards the noble goal of an Islamic marriage.

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