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Islam and Marriage; Islam marriage contract, age, ceremony and rules

Islam marriage contract, age, ceremony and rules

An islam marriage is sacred bond between a Muslim man and his would-be wife. The Islam marriage contract is a social contract that formalizes the marriage between a man and a woman. The marriage contract is a legal agreement that may contain certain conditions that are included by either the bridegroom or the bride. These conditions are binding for both partners. Conditions may include terms that are agreed upon prior to the marriage, such as the country the couple will reside in after marriage and that the bride may continue to study or work after she is married. Breaching any of the conditions mentioned in the contract can be the grounds for the ending of the marriage.

In the Islamic faith, early marriages are recommended. According to the Islamic laws, the recommended islam marriage age for a boy is fifteen. However, attaining this age does not automatically make him eligible to enter the contract of marriage. The islam marriage rules make the consent of both partners, both verbally and in writing, necessary for the marriage to take place. The bridal gift of cash, jewellery or property is known as the Mahr. This is gifted to the bride by the groom, either in part or in full, at the time of signing the marriage contract.

The nikah is the islam marriage ceremony. The first part of the ceremony revolves around signing the marriage contract. The contract is signed is front of an Islamic judge or in the presence of a member of the community who is well-acquainted with the Islamic marriage laws. Once the contract is signed, the couple is considered to be legally married. This ceremony is followed by the wedding feast that is known as the Walima.

Islam marriage quotes illustrate the expectations that one can have from the spouse and from the marital union. One beautiful quote by the prophet is “The most perfect believer in faith is the one whose character is finest and who is kindest to his wife.” This highlights the attitude a man is expected to have towards his wife. Islam marriage problems may occur due to myriad reasons. Money and how money is spent could cause marital problems. Another issue that can disharmony is a difference in attitude towards life and issues. A conventional man may object to his wife working outside the home and this could cause constant conflict. Islam marriage advice helps resolve problems amicably. Correct and timely advice contributes to keeping a couple happy and together.

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