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Love before Marriage in Islam

Love Marriage Islam

Islam is known to be one of the biggest religions in the world. A lot of countries are Islamic countries and they highly believe in Allah and the promise of paradise if they would all live according to the teachings of Allah and the prophet Muhammad. According to the scriptures of the Qur’an, people are recommended to not have any feelings for each other before marriage because the best marriage can start with having not many feelings and slowly growing to love each other more and more. The process of falling in love can happen after marriage but what happens when two people fall in love before marriage takes place? Some people cannot help but wonder, "Is love marriage allowed in Islam?"

This can be a recipe for disaster especially if these two people are not fixed for marriage. Worse, it is likely that they are being groomed to be the husband and wife of two different people set by their families. If the Muslim man would ask for the daughter’s hand in marriage from the father of the girl, it is very likely that he will not be given a chance to marry. Love after marriage in Islam is still considered to be the better option.

The main reason why Islam recommends that a man and a woman should not be in love first is because feelings of love can sometimes love in Islam before marriage can make people have impure thoughts because this cannot be controlled. Having impure thoughts can displease Allah and it can be considered punishable if two people engage in feelings of lust outside of marriage. In Islam, a controlled marriage is considered to be the best union between a man and a woman and should not be based on feelings since in Islam; feelings are considered to be baseless.

Still, if the man is feeling affectionate towards the girl and does not do anything that can be considered to be bad and impure then this is not considered to be bad. In fact, it is considered to be normal because Muslims are human too and they can also feel things that people from other religion can. Do remember that in Islam, there is no such thing as having a non committal relationship. A man and a woman should always be married or they are not married. Being a couple is not a common practice in the Muslim culture. When two people are already married, that is the time when they can satisfy their needs for love and sexual desires as long as they will not forget their duties and responsibilities to have a family and make their family grow well. Love marriage in Islam may not always be allowed but it can still happen especially in the modern society right now.

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