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Never Married
Abuja (f.c.t.), Federal Capital Territory
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In their own words

Only Allah is perfect.

I am good in meeting people and fast in adapting to new people and places, fun to be with but not good in pretence I believe in reality. No fake. No pretence no hypocrisy just straight forward people like myself I wish to accept in my life may Allah make it Easy for us to meet the appropriate person. I need someone easy going and dedicated to his deen who can help me upgrade my Islamic knowledge better and make good spouse bring up kids together in Islamic manner and our goal is Ending in Jannah. I won't mind the tribe, colour, looks, social background etc, just be a good muslim who has conscience in daily life. Be ready to nurture a peaceful simple Isamic oriented family, just be nice, just be accommodating and disciplined. It is said that good people are meant for good people. May we all meet our matches and spouses to complete our deen and not those who will make us despair. May we meet those whom will always remind us of Allah and to be cautious of the day of Reckoning.....Masalam

6'  1"   (185 cm)
Family Roots
Black / African descent
My Lifestyle
Has Kids
Wants Kids
Graduate Student
Government / Civil Service / Public Policy
I'll tell you later
What languages do you speak?
Favorite Artists
Zain Bikha
Favorite Athletes
Volleyball and basketball
Favorite Colors
White, red, black, yellow and pink
Favorite Country
Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, United States
Favorite Foods
Sandwiches, vegetables, African foods
Energy Somewhat High
Neatness Super Neat
Punctuality Often Early
Spending Average
Work Ethic Driven
Describe your perfect weekend.
To be at home and indoor having enough sleep and visiting friends and families
How many kids would you like to have?
Allah knows best but I will to have four any sex is OKay with me Insha'Allah, May Allah SWT bless them.
How important is someone's physical appearance to you?
I rate 4 of 10 personality and good conducts matters most to me. Just have a big heart to accommodate humans
What is the purpose of marriage?
My very understanding for purpose of marriage, is to get a good companion who will be beside you to propagate and complete Half or part of your Deen. In others words Marriage is a great weapon against illicit sexual practices and immoral lifestyles because when you are lucky to have the right people as spouse in your life, the will always remind you and also direct you to the right path that won't make you end in Jahannam (hellfire) Wa Yu'adhubillah
What is the most important lesson that you've learned?
Trust, I easily trust people keeping friends and disclosing your achievements.
What do your friends like about you most?
Open minded, fun to be with, always there to assist in time of difficulty, honest accommodating and generousity
What gets on your nerves?
Hypocrisy, liars, cheats, pretends prise and arrogance.
What is the most important thing in a relationship?
Love, respect, care and understanding
What do you hope to be doing five years from now?
Allah knows best, but I think I should be with my family already and taking responsibilities incurred on me to be there for my family and making the best of life Insha'Allah
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