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Nikah Dress Trends and More

Marriage for Muslims is a very sacred thing. It is also considered to be a legal contract between couples. Before getting married, the couple must have a contract that they both agree to the marriage. There are two types of marriages that are available but for people who opt for the traditional type of marriage, it is highly important for the brides to pay attention to the type of Nikah dress that they are going to wear. For this reason alone, a lot of people search for Nikah dress trends online to know more information.

There are some people who are not aware that like other bridal dresses, there are also trends for the Nikah dress. The marriage between a Muslim man and woman is still one of the biggest events that they experience. This is the reason why they give special attention to the clothes that they wear as well.

For Muslim women who would like to look special on her wedding day, here are some of the Nikah trends to check out:

• Simple Salwar Kameez – It seems like a lot of Muslim women opt to wear the simple and traditional dress instead of having to place a lot of embellishments on the dresses. Most brides decide on wearing white Salwar Kameez in lieu of other colors because a lot of women look pure and regal in white.

• Heavy Embroidery – For women who would like to make sure that their Nikah dress will be more extravagant, it will be best if they can place heavy embroidery that are made out of stones. There are also other embroideries that may be placed depending on the bride’s preference.

• Colors – There are various colors aside from white that people are choosing. White is usually chosen if the Nikah dress is designed to be simple but if it is going to be extravagant, the colors may be peach, pink or red.

• Long Sleeves – Like always, the dresses that Muslim people wear for their special event usually have long sleeves that may fall up to the wrist area.

• Tight – Even though it is already normal for Nikah dresses to cover all parts of the body except the fact, the common Nikah trend right now is that the dress will be tight in all the right areas.

Here are just some of the Nikah trends that brides have to know to look perfect on their special day.