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But what many seem to haven't recognized is that the expensive visit to Disney (including an extra price for the motel stay, the cost for that entertainment park itself, food and candies inside the park and other expenses) is not the only option for vacation. Many families visit this park because they think that visiting Disney shows the best fun that nice family can have together. That might be true some years ago when it was a really good option for having fun, but not today. But it is not only the emotional dilemma that visiting Disney pretenses. Additionally, there is the economical part of it as well. With the same amount of money it requires visiting Disneyworld with all your family, it is possible to go anywhere else, mostly with fewer expenses, but with a higher value. Here are some suggestions:
  1. Go to Islamic Spain
Do Muslim people have historical roots in Europe? For sure and Spain is a place, where much of Muslim history happened. Visit Spain and browse the top historical towns that are connected with Muslim culture, like Alhambra and Cordoba. Go to the wonderful mosque there and visit its beautiful castles. Get a lot of photos and make an audio or video travelogue. This is the right place also for trying tasty foods and enjoy their hospitality. Try to find and pray inside the nearby mosques and get acquainted with your Spanish sisters and brothers. You might also wish to visit a territory of Gibraltar, where in actuality Tariq bin Ziyad, the leader of Muslim people, arrived. Spain tends to be a very common holiday spot for the European tourists, so planning and booking some time ago are essential.
  1. Go to Turkey
Turkish land was the place of Ottoman Caliphate that was the last great Muslim Empire. Turkey is also a country with many monuments of Islamic values. You can find the Abu Ayyub Ansari's grave that was known as a great and close Prophet's (pbuh) companion. Here rests in peace also Jalaluddin Rumi that was the fantastic poet in his life. You should meet also people of Istanbul, visit the blue mosque and go to bazaars that are excellent place for shopping. People are really kind and show their brotherhood to you, especially if you say "Salam" to them. To meet other sisters and brothers you can visit also some smaller villages and cities. Turkey, like Spain, is a popular vacation place for Western and American visitors, so it's extremely busy in summers, so you should plan this trip timely. Visiting Turkey, if planned correctly, will undoubtedly be much cheaper when compared to a Disneyworld's expanses.
  1. Visit England
Did you know that the England was the place, where Abdullah Yusuf Ali, one of the main translators of the Quran, spent his life and died? That also was the home place for a Muslim poet Muhammad Iqbal, who lived there for many years. Everyone who considers there is no history of Muslims in Britain is mistaken. Muslim people have at least a hundred years long history in this land of former colonial empire. It is possible to visit Trafalgar square or, while others are busy with other things, you can find Muslim believers who are tempting others to Islam by doing Dawa. You can also go to Hyde Park with the famous soapbox for public speeches, and give your personal speech about life and living. Furthermore, attend the British Museum that represents Islamic manuscripts, art and historical items that have an impact on Muslim culture. As a result of Britain's colonial legacy in history, this museum possibly has more historical artifacts of Muslim culture and history that any other Muslim country itself.
  1. Move to the north and do praying in an icy mosque
Is the warmth of summertime already boring for you? Are you searching for a solution to cool off by putting a fan or air conditioner nearby? Then you should go to the north, even further behind Canada, all the way up till you reach the Arctic. And surprisingly you might not be the only Muslim person there. In accordance with a publication on Islamic Horizons magazine in 1996, there live Muslims, for example, in Fairbanks in Alaska. They pray, although they didn't have their own Masjid at that time, and they eat Halal food that is delivered from Seattle. Get acquainted with rare people that you can't easily meet anywhere else on Main Street America. It will be a real adventure and a fascinating experience.
  1. Be closer to nature
Are you wearied by suburbia or tired of the urban view? In that case, you should reunite with the natural environment. One good spot for that is the Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee and North Carolina in the USA. You can both go hiking there or join the white water rafting in this park. Also, the Sierra Club has many activities to offer in this field.
  1. Go to the Trail of Tears
Are you a history expert? In that case, you're able to find out many new facts about Native American heritage when you follow this Trail of Tears. This trail that lands in Missouri is a meaningful part of national history. As it's known in history, between 1830 and 1850, almost 100 thousand Native Americans who lived in the area between Florida, Louisiana and Michigan were pressured to go westward following the American government both forced agreements on them to move away, otherwise, they would use a brutal force against all the people who resist this treaty. Muslim people can view related paths of tears of the Ummah that are located in other places in the world, for example, in Kosova. These trails are located in several of the most wonderful hilly greenery in the USA.
  1. Go to Chicago
Are you one of those individuals who are excited about huge cities? Then why not go to Chicago? You can see the highest building in the world there (the Sears Tower that is made by a Muslim architect), you can visit also the well-known Devon Avenue that is a place of many Muslim shops. You can find almost 80 places for Friday prayers in Chicago, eight schools for Muslim children and a lot more interesting Muslim things there.
  1. Visit the Underground Railroad
Do you believe that the railway is merely an old and outmoded method of movement? That surely wasn't for those more than 50 thousand African-Americans who fled captivity exactly through this railroad that was an exit to freedom between the year 1830 and 1870. The train was the escape from the slavery they had been shackled by white Western settlers, and through this railroad, they moved all the way up from the USA to Canada. Nowadays, in Saint Louis, Missouri, you can take part in a tour of several of tracks of Underground Railroad to experience how slaves tried to flee the repression. Altogether you can find 38 tracks linked to the Underground Railroad in the USA.
  1. Go to Central Asia
If you want to go to the place, where Imam Bukhari, a famous student, who collected the most authentic version of Hadith, lived, then you have to visit Central Asia for sure. Although it seems very far, thanks to very low currency exchange costs, it might be cheaper than going to Disneyworld. Furthermore, Central Asia is a place where new Muslim republics are growing after the rapid fall of communism in the last decade.
  1. Help to assemble a Masjid in Kosova
There were much more Masjids in Kosova before the war, but Serbs destroyed almost 200 of them. Although a country is giving support for rebuilding them now, still everyone's help is necessary to erect these mosques again. In the event you want to make an effort to our sisters and brothers who try to rebuild this part of Islamic culture, then go to Kosova.
  1. Bosnia
Do you remember Bosnia - the country that so many Muslim and other sincere people around the world were ready to support during the genocide that ended in 1995 after three-year long destruction? Really, if you are in Europe, you should visit this country to see, how our sisters and brothers live there today. How is their life carried forward or varied since then?
  1. Go to East
Are you informed that almost 150 million of people in China are Muslims? Muslim dishes are extremely favored China, even by non-Muslim people. Arabic script is written also on Chinese currency as one of the main languages in this country. China is the country with the biggest population on earth which is popular with its unique culture and people who built the grand Wall of China and brought the bureaucracy into the world. Go there, if you have some extra cash, and bring them copies of the Quran as a gift for Muslim sisters and brothers there.
  1. Go to the Home Country
That is your beginnings, the spot of your history, where your great-grandparents, grandparents or parents lived before moving to North America.
  1. Go to the beach
What might be more wonderful compared to a beautiful view, sounds of the ocean and cool sand under your steps? A beach is an amazing place for vacation where to go sometimes. But, whenever you go, do not forget to maintain the Jihad.
  1. Go for Umrah
Many Muslim people save their vacations and holiday time to go for Umrah. Some people try to combine it with travel to another place. If you are planning to go to Madinah or Makkah, then check out for Umrah travel guide. Here's a bonus holiday spot.... Visit the country's first Muslim museum The International Museum of Muslim Cultures, that is located in an alluring building on East Pascagoula street in Jackson, Mississippi, is the first Muslim museum in the USA that points out the Muslim impact on the world's civilization.
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