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  1. Vienna in Austria [caption id="attachment_1083" align="alignnone" width="202"]The main Mosque of Austria's capital city, Vienna. The main Mosque of Austria's capital city, Vienna.[/caption]
Vienna could be not the first place that comes in your mind as a Halal-friendly but capital of Austria have many activities to offer to Muslim visitors that makes this city as one of the top ten this year. Vienna is famous for playing a significant role as a main European Music Centre and as a location place for many international organizations, like OPEC and the United Nationals. Austria has become a location place also for numerous mosques because around 8.4 million Muslim people live in Vienna. There are also other attractions for Muslim visitors, like, for example, the Turkish Islamic Cultural Center and Vienna Islamic Centre.
  1. Munich in Germany
[caption id="attachment_1088" align="alignnone" width="219"]DITIB Munich Masjid DITIB Munich Masjid[/caption] Munich, the capital of Germany, was rated as the world's most worth living city in 2010 so it is not shocking that more than 4 million Muslim people have preferred to live there. As so many Muslim people live there, tourists can easily meet them not too far from a Halal-restaurant or a mosque. Along with these Muslim-friendly destinations, Munich is also proud of many galleries and museums.
  1. Bangkok in Thailand
This overwhelmed capital of Thailand is rich with numerous attractions for tourists. This culinary, economic and cultural city  provides some of the best street food offers that ensure not just an amazing experience but also is a perfect option for travelers who are cautious about their money. Other destinations include Siam Square, Safari World, Grand Palace and the Lumpini Park. Muslim tourists can easily find also many prayer places and restaurants with a wide choice of  Halal food. [caption id="attachment_1086" align="alignnone" width="223"]The Bangkok Mosque The Bangkok Mosque[/caption]
  1. London
[caption id="attachment_1090" align="alignnone" width="247"]East London Mosque in Whitechapel East London Mosque in Whitechapel[/caption] The capital of Great Britain has historically been a destination for Gulf travelers through the hot summertime, therefore, it is not shocking to see this city included in this list of the most friendliest places for Muslim people. Accommodations have implemented many special services for their Muslim visitors lately, like, for example, Halal menu, special rooms for prayers, female butlers, and Arabic speaking staff. Islam has become a one of the most important and most common minority religions in London involving almost half of British Muslim people, who prefer to live there because of an easy access to Halal restaurants and mosques in London.
  1. Delhi in India
Islam takes the second place as the one of the most used religion in India and it's a home for more than 138 million Muslim believers. Delhi as the world's eighth-largest city is also a place where the second largest community of Indian Muslim people live making it renowned for its Halal street food as well its history, art crafts, and hotspots for shopping. Delhi also is a place for various bazaars, old temples, museums, and galleries.
  1. Gold Coast in Australia
This one of the most common destinations for tourists in Australia began as a small beachside place for vacation, but now it hosts more than ten million guests every year. The Gold Coast has all that is needed, including many theme parks, beautiful beaches, and Halal restaurants and prayer rooms for its Muslim guests. Islamic visitors  coming here throughout the Holy month of Ramadan will also find a plenty of Suhour, Iftaar, and appropriate night activities.
  1. Sri Lanka
A large amount of Muslims in Sri Lanka has encouraged to open many Halal restaurants in this gorgeous place. Furthermore, Sri Lanka is boasted not only with certified and nice dining restaurants but also with many Muslim-owned food shops that are located on the roadsides. They may not look attractive, but they surely provide some of the best foods in Sri-Lanka making it a perfect location for money-saving tourists. But food is not the only advantage of Sri Lanka, it also has the clearest blue waters and the most beautiful beaches in this region. Some braver visitors can also experience a walk through hilly Nuwara Eliya or try hiking in the mountains of Kady.
  1. South part of Africa
Where else can you discover the third largest canyon in the world, the second highest waterfall, and some of the most amazing views in the world? South Africa is the place, where you can find all of it, including subtropical forests, bustling city life, mountains, wild safari, and miles of unaffected beaches. As a third most Halal-friendly spot this year, South Africa features an extensive variety of Muslim-friendly places including mosques and Halal restaurants.
  1. Singapore
For Islamic visitors, Singapore is a place of treasures being the best place for entertainment, shopping, and halal cuisine. Almost 15% of the population in this city is Muslim, so Muslim tourists can feel like at home there. Singapore that has 70 mosques in the city is also full of Halal restaurants, including nice dining places and international options for fast food. You can find here also many other amazing destinations for tourists, like numerous markets for shopping enthusiasts, botanical gardens and tropical forests for nature lovers, and, of course, the famous Singapore Zoo.
  1. Bosnia and Herzegovina in Southeast Europe
As the best Halal-friendly destination for tourists, Bosnia & Herzegovina has many halal options and services for Islamic guests, because half of its own population is Muslim. This place is "must see" for Muslim tourists because it has also stunning views in Mostar, amazing architecture in Sarajevo, amazing waterfalls, and breathtaking masjids in Bihac that make it the best destination for your vacation.
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