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Some Islamic Marriage Advice and Tips

Even though Islamic marriage may be considered more serious as compared to the marriages that are consummated by the Western culture, there are still instances when Muslim couples also have disputes when they are already married. In order to be sure that couples will be able to fulfill their duties to each other and to Allah, here are some Islamic marriage advices that people can learn more about:

1. Couples should be sure that they are entering the message with the right intentions. This means that when they enter the marriage, they should be sure that they are entering the message to please Allah and not to please themselves. They should be sure that they are placing Allah in everything that they do. If the marriage’s intention is correct, Allah will give the couple proper blessings and they would be able to have peace and stability.

2. Couples should treat each other like a brother or a sister. This means that whatever kindness is being shown to people who are outside the family, the same amount of kindness and maybe even more should be shown to their spouse.

3. The couple should pull each other up and not pull each other down. Most of the time, there are some marriages that are toxic to the couple probably because they are not able to bring the best out of each other. It will be highly important for the couple to emphasize what is best about each other. Through that, the marriage will become better.

4. The couple should still spend time together. One of the greatest mistakes of marriage couples are they usually believe that they should just think about their responsibilities and forget about each other. This is not the case at all. There is always a need to still have some meals together, talk about each other’s day.

5. The couple should also make sure that they are open about their feelings towards one another. Honesty is always one of the best things that are important for married couples. If they are not honest towards each other, there is a chance that they will harbor ill feelings towards their partners, these ill feelings might grow worse until such time when they do not want anything to do with their partners anymore.

With all of these tips in mind, making the marriage work will be easier to accomplish.

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