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Things to Know About Islamic Marriage: Islamic marriage contract template

Islamic marriage contract template

Are you getting married? It is possible that you would like to get married the Muslim way but if you are not Muslim, you probably do not know a lot of facts and information about how marriage will take place and what rules would have to be followed to ensure that marriage will go as smoothly as planned.

Getting married is not something that people should do every day because it takes a lot of love, respect and understanding to make a marriage work out. There are a lot of Muslim families especially those who are living in different places that may be unhappy about their current marriage, rereading the Islamic marriage contract template will help inform people about the rules that they may not be aware of or the rules that they should do in order to keep their spouses happy.

Here are some of the rules and responsibilities of having a Muslim marriage:

  1. Women are required to be virgin before their marriage night. Men are also required to be virgins but often times it can be hard to know if men are virgin or not. For men who have been married before, this is not required anymore. For women who are speculated to not be a virgin anymore, they may be sent back home and will not get a decent Islam marriage.
  2. A Muslim marriage must be done in order to have both sexual and emotional fulfillment for the couple. After which the couple can already start a family. Do remember that a man who has not married will still be required to marry. This sometimes brings men to find their potential spouse through checking out online dating sites.
  3. In a Muslim marriage, the man is in charge of providing all of the needs of the wife. This means that whatever the wife needs, the man must be able to provide. The wife will then be in charge of taking care of the husband, the children and the house that they live in.
  4. Contrary to popular belief, being obedient does not mean that the husband would always be right in Islamic marriage. The wife is his equal so her beliefs should also be considered although it would be the man who will have final say about the current problem or the matter at hand because he is considered to be the leader of the family in the contract template of Islamic marriage. With these things in mind, Muslim marriage is easier to understand.

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