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Getting Married to Kerala Muslims

There are a lot of failed marriages that are being reported in television or being heard from friends lately. It is highly likely that somehow, people have heard about marriages that have failed because of various reasons. More and more couples are splitting up and are searching for love elsewhere. What Islam would like to do is make sure that Muslims are reminded that marriage is sacred because it is a contract with Allah. Not fulfilling the marriage till death would mean not being one with Allah or turning their backs against Allah.

In order to have successful Kerala Muslim matrimony, there is a need for people to follow these tips:

• Always remember that all Muslims are brothers and sisters no matter what place the Muslim has come from, there is always a need for Muslims to understand that they should have respect for one another. It will always be important to show kindness to everyone especially to people who are also living in the same homes.

• Put Allah first. There are some couples who let their marriages fail because they focus too much on each other or on other things. When Allah is placed first, people will be able to live according to what Allah requires of them and this can make marriages better and more successful than their contemporaries.

• Do not disregard your spouse. One of the main reasons why marriages fail is because they do not give attention to their spouse. Giving all their attentions to Allah is not enough; there is also a need to become pleasing towards one another because this is their responsibility.

• Stop anger from being felt. When couples get angry with each other, this can create some problems to people’s homes. There is a need not to get angry and just talk about problems calmly without having to resort to anger.

• Look good at all times especially when there are events and even when people are at home. There is a need for couples to look good even when they are at home because this will keep the attraction alive. Contrary to popular belief that only women should look good, men should try their best to look good as well because this will make their wives more pleasing to them.

There is always a need for Muslims to follow these simple things to make their marriage long and lasting. Click here to get to know more facts.

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