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Nikah in Islam – Facts and Details

There is a requirement for Muslims to undergo Nikah in order to be married to their partners. There are various components about Nikah that people should always consider so that it will be followed accordingly.


Unlike what people probably think, there is a need for Muslims to still have proposals. Usually, the groom to be will propose to the bride to be. This will make everything more formal and will also make both families happy especially if they approve of the Nikah between their children. Usually, the proposal also signifies the groom-to-be’s respect for the woman.


There is need for the Mahr to be given to the woman. The difference of Mahr with Dowry is that Mahr should be given in free will. There is no amount required for the giving of Mahr. It is personally the gift of the man to the woman. There may various choices regarding the type of Mahr to be given. For instance, the Mahr may be cash or it can also be other material things. The Mahr is recommended to be given before the Nikah.

Other Concerns

There may be times when the bride will be required to seek the permission of her father first because she may be underage. Do remember that there are also times when the permission of the grandfather of the household is also necessary. There is no need for the bride to seek the approval of her brother.

The Actual Ceremony

There is a requirement for the woman to state that she is giving herself away to her groom and when the groom accepts, the Nikah becomes official. Do remember that these may be said in different languages depending on where people are from. There may be times when it is not the bride who will state these words but the Wali. Again, this would depend on where the Nikah is being done.

Proper Time for Nikah

When scheduling the Nikah, it is important to take note of the schedules of both the bride and the groom. It is highly important for the Nikah to be done on the right day too. There are times when Nikah will not be allowed on a holiday. Here are some of the days that are not recommended or are considered to be unfavorable to hold the Nikah:

• Wednesdays

• Days when the moon is in the constellation of Scorpio

• Last 3 days of lunar months

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