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The Islamic Marriage Ceremony

A lot of people may not be aware of it but Islam is one of the biggest religions all over the world and it stretches far and wide. Unlike in other parts of the world wherein marriage may not be taken seriously, marriage in Islam is highly important. Although it is not a requirement, most Muslims only feel fulfilled after they have gotten through the Islamic marriage ceremony. Their responsibility does not end there however; Muslims know that in order to have a successful marriage, the marriage should be a contract between the couple who has gotten married and Allah.

Muslim Marriage Practice

The number one requirement for Muslims to get married is to have a marriage contract. Do remember that the marriage contract may be different from one type of Muslim to another. It usually depends on where Muslims live. The marriage contract may be recited by the couple who is about to get married or a representative that has been approved to say the contract for them. The contract need not be written. It can also be oral in order to help those who are illiterate in reading and writing.

The Marriage Ceremony

It is a part of the marriage ceremony to present the Meher. The Meher can be given in two parts. The first part will be given before the marriage while the other form of Meher can be in various forms although it I usually in the form of jewelry and cash. The bride will have the choice to use the Meher that she has received.

After the Meher, the Nikah will take place. This is the part when the couple would have to accept the marriage that is being bestowed upon them. There are usually two male witnesses that are present and they will also sign the contract that the couple will sign to finalize the marriage. The bride and the groom will then share a sweet fruit.

They will then get vows and blessings from the official. Unlike in other marriages wherein the bride and the groom are required to speak, this is not the case with Islam marriage wherein the bride and the groom simply listen as the official says things about how they can make their marriage grow and of course they are reminded that marriage is their contract with Allah so they should try their best to make the marriage work not only for themselves and their families but most of all, for Allah.

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