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Some Facts to Know about the Islamic Marriage Bureau

A lot of Muslims right now have a hard time searching for the best partners that they can spend their lives with probably because they live in a place where in Islam is not the only religion. If people live somewhere like in the states or in Canada, it can be hard for them to find their partner. In Islam, it is not a requirement to get married but most Muslims only get a sense of fulfillment when they already get married with someone.

This is when the Islamic Marriage Bureau comes in. This bureau was founded by Mrs. Fazal Khan. She has lived in Canada for 38 years and she saw the need to help Muslims find suitable partners for marriage. The bureau is now known to be one of the most trustworthy matching services that Muslims can rely on in order to find the right match for them.

It is quite easy to become part of the Islamic Marriage Bureau.

• Register – A person must register so that he/she will be able to create his/her profile. The profile should be related to marriage and must contain the crucial things that people need. Only then can people possibly receive matches.

• Search – For people who do not want to wait or would like to search for their matches on their own, searching for possible matches is possible too with the help of the Islamic Marriage Bureau.

• Contact – For people who have found suitable matches, it is already possible for people to contact people so that they can already start communicating.

There are some people who feel that this can be a hard thing to do since this is different from Halal which is considered to be the only legal form of dating when it comes to Muslims but usually, those who undergo this bureau are already over 25 years of age. They are already at the age wherein their parents, their wali, can already let them make decisions on their own.

It is still highly important for the Muslim men and women to get to know their matches better although they may not be recommended to go on a date without any chaperone present. They are not allowed to have solo dates as well. Group dates may be more suitable for their culture. At this day and age, the presence of technology still makes it possible for people to meet their match.

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