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Islamic Marriage Laws

Islam is one of the religions highly respected all over the world. One of the main reasons why it is well respected is because it has a lot of Islamic marriage laws that Muslims readily follow. In Muslim religion, there are two kinds of marriages namely Permanent marriage and fixed time marriage.

1. Permanent Marriage – This is a type of marriage that can last for the rest of the couple’s lives.

2. Fixed Time Marriage – This is also known as Mut’ah. In this type of marriage, a couple can only be married for a fixed amount of time. It can be as short as an hour although there are also instances when it can last for years.

When Muslims Can Get Married

Muslims are permitted to get married if they become physically ready for it. This means that women who already have had menstruation or for men who are already experiencing wet dreams, they are already allowed to get married. A Muslim girl who is virgin and mature and would seek marriage would need to ask the permission of her father beforehand. She is not required to ask the permission of her mother. There are instances however when the Wali also known as the parents or guardians of children will be allowed to make decisions for their children. Children can then be married before the required age.

How Muslims Can Get Married

There are certain steps that Muslims would have to follow so that they can be married.

1. There is a legal contract that is needed for Muslims to get married. In other religions, the contract must be written but for Muslims, the contract can be sealed verbally. There is a need for the couple to recite a formula with some representatives present.

2. The legal contract is required to be recited in Arabic but if in case the Muslims who are getting married are not Arabic; they can say the translation in any language.

3. If in case the translation is not correct or the meaning of the Nikah for marriage has been changed, the married will be declared void and null.

If ever Muslim men would like to marry other women from different religions, they will be allowed following the certain conditions:

• The woman should be a Jew or a Christian.

• The woman is a virgin.

• The woman understands the religion and the differences that it may have from her own.

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