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Rules and Regulations of an Islam Marriage

Islam marriage rules

Marriage is something that people should not always rush into. It should be a well thought out decision that people would have to decide on because this can change their lives forever. The marriage rules usually differ from one religion to another. For instance, in the Catholic religion, a man and a woman is required to be officiated by a priest otherwise, they will not be married in the eyes of God. This is also the same with having an Islamic marriage, people should follow some marriage rules; Allah should always be placed at the center of the love and life of the couple to make the love lasting and blissful.

Here are some of the Islam marriage rules that should be followed:

  • The soon to be spouses should not talk to each other with lust before their marriage since this will be a crime that will not go unpunished by Allah although they are allowed to look at the bodies of each other provided that this will not be done lustfully and that there is no hindrance of the spouses to be to get married.
  • It is also important for spouses to be to do some checking up on each other so that they will know immediately if they will have no problems during their marriage. It is through this checking that people will know if the other person has already have had a wife or a husband in the past. This way, the marriage can still be halted by the parents.
  • Body contact even holding hands are usually not allowed without the Islamic marriage contract. This can only be allowed if the contract is already available.
  • A temporary marriage contract may be given to a couple who seeks to become married for a certain period of time. Through this, they can decide whether they would like to push through and have a permanent marriage with the approval of their families, of course.
  • Spouses are not allowed to purchase indecent and inappropriate clothing for the groom and the bride. Doing this will be a sin against the set Islamic marriage rules.
  • The above mentioned things are just some of the rules that should be followed by people who would like to get married. These things may be very different from what you are used to especially if you come from a Westernized country but they are perfectly normal for some men and women. These rules should be done and respected to ensure that a successful marriage will take place eventually.

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