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Muslim Halal Dating Rules to Know

Whe Americans and even some people from different cultures date, they usually meet each other and they decide that they would like to get to know more facts about each other. There are times when people become serious about each other. This type of dating is not applicable to Muslims. It is highly important for people who plan on dating Muslims to know Muslim dating rules.

Here are some dating rules to remember for people who have met without Halal:

  • Muslim men and women cannot be alone together. This means that even when they go on dates, there should be a chaperone present.
  • The chaperone that should be brought by the Muslim man and woman should be an older family member.
  • It is highly important for the family to approve of the person that their son or daughter is dating.
  • Pre – marital sex is not allowed at all because Muslims believe in preserving the virginity especially of the woman before getting married.

    Halal Dating

    This form of dating, instead of young men and women finding each other thorough online or the places they visit, they are introduced to each other through their family members. Halal dating is accepted by a lot of Muslims because it is lawful. It is also legitimate and accepted by the Muslim community. Once they are already introduced to each other by their family, they can already try to get to know each other better. They can start communicating through phone and even chat online through online dating sites.

    If young and men and women decide to meet for dates, they would have to meet on a group date or if ever they cannot be with other people, they would need to have a chaperone with them. Sometimes, a man and a woman would like to take the relationship to the next marriage and that is the time when they would like to start considering marriage.

    Goals of Halal Dating

    There are certain goals that Halal dating aim to get:

  • Attraction – It is important for the young man and woman to become attracted to each other.
  • Mutual Compatibility – People will not get attracted to each other if they are not compatible but in Muslim marriage, not only attraction is important but the approval of parents.
  • Islamic Marriage – The main goal of Halal is to make sure that young men and women will become serious enough that they will decide to get married after.
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