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Hindu – Muslim Marriage: Things People Want to Know

It is always considered in Islam to marry someone outside of their own religion to be sinful but this does not mean that it not happen especially in Western countries where some Muslims reside. There are still a lot of Muslims though who feel that their problem can be solved by having their partner convert to Islam but do remember that not all partners are willing to do this.

The main reason why it can be particularly hard for Muslims to get married to Hindus is because of their different beliefs about marriage. For instance, for Muslims, there is a need to get married because this signifies the relationship or the contract with Allah whereas for Hindus, marriage is one of the sacraments that people can do.

These are just some of the problems that Hindus may face when they want to marry their Muslim partners:

• Before they marry, a Hindu will be required to recite the Shadahah oath. This is an oath that states that there is no other God than Allah alone. It also states that Muhammad is the prophet of Allah. This may be hard for the Hindu who believes in other gods.

• Aside from the fact that the Hindu would be required to only worship Allah, they will not be allowed to worship their own gods. This means that asking for prayers to different gods is a very punishable sin in Islam.

• Muslims who get married to Hindus through a Hindu wedding will not be honored by Islam religion. This means that the Muslim will be considered to be committing a grave sin against Allah.

Here are just some of the steps that a Hindu must do to get married to the Muslim partner:

1. Convert into Islam religion.

2. Hindu relatives of the convert will not be allowed to enter the marriage of the couple.

3. Practice being a Muslim

Based on the things that are mentioned above, it is quite easy to see that Hindus who would like to get married to their Muslim partners would have to sacrifice a lot of things before they will be accepted. These Hindus even encounter a lot of problems especially with the family of the Muslim. There is always a chance that the marriage will not take place or continue after all. Here are just some of the things to remember about the Hindu – Muslim marriage. Learn more about that here.

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