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Step by Step Guide to Muslim Nikah

Muslims are aware that Nikah is the solemn occasion that will be marked by the signing of the social contract of the bride and the groom. Muslims all over the world should remember that the Nikah is the contract between the couple and Allah and having to undergo divorce will mean that this contract is forfeited.

When the Muslim man and woman meet for the Nikah, there is no need for the man to have a Wali because he is supposed to come on his own free will whereas for the Muslim woman, there is a need for the Wali otherwise, the Muslim Nikah will be considered as invalid. There is only a need for the man to have a Wali if he is unable to make decisions on his own or he is not in his right mind.

Here are the steps that will be taken:

1. Make sure that the date for the Nikah will be set up accordingly. There may be times when people may not be available for some people so it would have to be set up ahead of time.

2. Know where the Nikah is going to take place. The Nikah is not required to be done at the mosque. Most people even have the Nikah at their very own homes.

3. The Wali of the bride to be will then offer the daughter to the groom and the groom will accept.

4. The Wali will then give the blessing to the groom in accordance with the witnesses and the dowry.

5. The husband to be will then express his desire to accept the wife to be as his wife and the ceremony is already complete.

The contract will then be signed by the bride and the groom. There is also a requirement for two witnesses to also sign the agreement. Sometimes, there is no need for the bride and groom to be in the place where the Nikah is taking place as long as the Wali and the witnesses are there to make the very important event valid.

After the Nikah, there is a separate ceremony that will take place. Usually the person who is going to lead the ceremony will talk about the things that can be done in order to have a successful and happy marriage. There are times when the bride and groom can also say their vows but this is not necessary.

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