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Reciting Islamic Dua for Marriage

There are some Muslim men and women who would like to get married but have not found a chance to do so. There may be different reasons why marriage has not taken place yet. Some of the reasons may include the following:

• Muslim men and women became too focused on their careers and they forgot about their priority to Allah which is to get married and form a family.

• They have done something that is considered unworthy in Islam and because of this, they are not being chosen for Halal dating.

• Halal dating did not work out that well for them. For those who are not aware what Halal dating is, it is the process by which men and women are introduced to each other by their families. This is the only considered legal and legitimate form of dating for both men and women. When Halal dating does not lead to marriage, this can become a big problem.

For Muslim men and women who are not yet married but would like to get married, there are certain things that they have to do such as recite islamic dua for marriage.

These are the things that would have to be done but it can be different for both men and women.

For men, these are the things that would have to be recited:

• Rabbi innee lima anzalta ilayya min khayrin faqeerun

It was said that this was made by Musa. He did this while he was in exile. Supposedly, he was feeling extreme loneliness at that time and he feel that he cannot do anything anymore. This was when he was able to make the quote mentioned above as he reached out to his Lord, Allah.

This would have to be read about 100 times a day. Do remember that it is important to do this every single day. Otherwise, it will not be effective in finding the right woman. Reading this passage should only be stopped when the Muslim man has already found the right woman.

For women, these are the things that a Muslim woman must do:

• Recite Sura Dhuha 11 times before Zenith.

Do remember that any of the things that would have to be recited should be said during Fajir because this is when help is being given for people’s needs.

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