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Never Married
Floral Park, New York
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Assalamu Alaikum! (Ignore the zodiac sign)

I was born and raised in Queens. Islam is my life. I love reciting, memorizing, revising, and listening to the Quran, listening to lectures that increase me in imaan, reading books that increase me in beneficial knowledge, performing acts that bring me closer to Allah, staying away from what displeases Him (this includes Bid'ah, etc.), emulating Rasoolullah صل الله عليه وسلم and trying to implement the Sunnahs that I can. I'm learning Arabic (FuSha), but it's very weak, so I haven't listed it as a language in my bio. Ideally, I'd want my wife to understand it or learn it with me and it'd be something we'd pass on to our children, in sha Allah, along with the languages their grandparents speak. I've graduated from Binghamton University in May 2020 with majors in Accounting and Quant Finance. I've completed all 4 CPA (Certified Public Acct) exams and will be a CPA in December 2021 in sha Allah (need to fulfill the 1 year experience clause). I've accepted an offer in my junior year (~August 2019) to work as a consultant in the realm of Mergers and Acquisitions for a "Big 4" accounting firm in Midtown Manhattan. I started in January 2021 and have been working for ~7 months now Alhamdulilah. I enjoy working out/exercising/playing sports. I lift weights every morning before work and run a few times a week for cardio. I'm 5'7", 145 pounds. I thoroughly enjoy hiking, tennis, and swimming. I enjoy venturing out on weekends to beaches, parks, and any other sort of nature.

5'  7"   (170 cm)
Family Roots
Mixed Race
My Lifestyle
Has Kids
Wants Kids
Bachelor's Degree
Financial / Accounting / Insurance / Real Estate
$75,000 - $100,000
What languages do you speak?
English, Farsi / Persian
Adventurousness Somewhat Daring
Affectionateness Very Doting
Trustingness Somewhat Gullible
Confidence Somewhat Confident
Mood Somewhat Chill
Sociability Average
Thought Process Very Analytical
Tolerance Average
Energy Average
Neatness Somewhat Neat
Punctuality Always On Time
Spending Somewhat Thrifty
Work Ethic Driven
How many kids would you like to have?
I'd be content with any number that Allah blesses us with, but ideally lots of 'em, in sha Allah!
How important is someone's physical appearance to you?
There's a lot of fitna in this day and age, and my wife and I will be shields for eachother from it. It's critical that we're mutually attracted to eachother, but I understand that a Muslima can't adorn herself for strangers so I'll certainly account for the fact that she will be more beautiful for me than her photos. She should take into account that I don't have many photos of myself and couldn't be picky with my selection, so I will probably be more handsome for her than my photos (in sha Allah) haha
What is the purpose of marriage?
To fulfill half our deen and what that entails :D
What is the most important lesson that you've learned?
Any foundation that is not the Quran and Sunnah will crumble and take the house down with it. In all of our dealings, it's always better to associate with those who are God conscious.
What is the most important thing in a relationship?
Taqwa (Allah consciousness). If a man treats you well out of love for you, and that love fades, he may not continue treating you well. If a God conscious man falls out of love with you, he will continue to treat you right, because he didn't do those things out of love for you; he did them out of love for Allah and he will continue to do them regardless of how he feels because he is conscious that Allah is watching and he understands the weight of the amanah (trust) that is marriage.
What do you hope to be doing five years from now?
Building my family and improving my community in sha Allah. Hopefully, I will have memorized the Quran by then and increased myself in knowledge enough to have started giving dawah. In terms of work-related goals, I work hard and my career takes up a good chunk of my time, but it's just a means of rizq for me. I think I'll naturally climb the ranks as I master my craft in sha Allah, but my family and deen will always have priority in sha Allah.